Ideas for organizing an unforgettable hen party

Being a first-time bridesmaid can be rather exciting because you get to watch your sister or bestie walk down the aisle eager to get married to the person of their dreams. Now, you need to give the bride-to-be a proper sendoff by organizing an unforgettable hen party before ushering them into the marriage life. Organizing hen parties can be challenging especially because you want to make it perfect. We have put together a guide with ideas to help you plan the perfect hen party

1. Make a list

You need to make a list of the people attending the hen party. Make sure to include all the names and run it over with the bride. The bride must be included in making a list to ensure only the people she wants close to her attend the hen party.

2. Choose the time and location

When choosing the time and location, be sure to involve the bride and take note of her suggestions. Depending on what the bride prefers you could have the hen party during the day or night. Determining the time and location should be done early enough to make bookings if needed.

3. Set your budget

Once you know the number of guests and the location of the hen party, it can be simple to set a budget. Ensure that you cover every detail and set a little bit of cash aside in case of any emergencies. There are several ways to cut down on the budget including booking shared rooms and delegating DIY projects.

4. Choose a theme

Most hen parties usually have a theme to help set the mood and dictate the activities. Pick a suitable theme that considers everyone who will be attending the hen party. You need to consider people that have children, are pregnant or work during the weekend.

5. Start researching activities

Once you have your theme and budget in place, it will be quite simple to choose activities. There are a lot of activities that you could pick for a hen party including; dance, craft, beauty treats, dress-up photo shoots, and high adrenaline games. Be sure to include everyone that will be attending the hen party.

6. Work together

Brides usually have two bridesmaids, and it is, therefore, a good idea that you work together and delegate the different duties. Plan everything so that everyone knows exactly what is expected from them on.

7. Relax

You should ensure that you are relaxed during the planning and party stage to ensure that you do not come out as being too bossy. Remember that your guests are adults and they have sacrificed their time to ensure the hen party is successful. Do not let the fear of disappointing the bride with a lame hen party get to your head. Schedule some chilling out time to help you relax.


Organizing a hen party can be stressing especially when you are doing it for the first time. Follow the ideas above to ensure you have an amazing hen party and lots of fun. Remember that once you involve everyone, the hen party will be unforgettable.