Organizing a hen party? What to do

You have probably been selected as a maid of honor and you have just found out that hen parties need a lot of planning. You need to ensure that the bride-to-be has an amazing time during the hen party before she gets married. A hen party is considered as a final hurrah from the single life and a welcome to the marriage life. The hen party, therefore, simply needs to be unforgettable. Below are some tips on what you should do when organizing a hen party.

1. Ask for help

Do not try and do everything by yourself simply because you are the maid of honor. Ask the other bridesmaids for help in organizing the hen party. Delegate several duties to ensure your workload is greatly reduced. You should also ask the bride-to-be several specific questions regarding the hen party to have a clear picture of what and who she expects.

2. Ensure you set a reasonable budget

Just because you are in charge of organizing a hen party doesn’t mean that you need to take care of all the bills. Ask the girls invited to chip in and contribute towards having a successful hen party. Ensure the budget is reasonable and set earlier enough for everyone to contribute. You could divide the set budget equally between the invited friends and families to ensure no one feels left out.

3. Think outside the box

Traditional hen parties are great, but you could always switch things up. Include the bride-to-be in the process to ensure your ideas are welcomed. Include fun party favors to make things interesting and memorable. Since you know the bride-to-be well, you probably know what she likes and how she reacts to different things. (


Do not let the stress of organizing a hen party get to you. As long as you plan accordingly, everything should be just fine.